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Wangzhanhai football video in the same program

2022-06-24 13:42Pick and pass football
Summary: Wangzhanhai's TV program2013.11.11 Hunan Satellite TV "who will compete" - the world champion of Tai Chi vs the strongest trio of the football teamWhat is the Taiji business in ChenjiagouIn 2
Wangzhanhai's TV program
2013.11.11 Hunan Satellite TV "who will compete" - the world champion of Tai Chi vs the strongest trio of the football team
What is the Taiji business in Chenjiagou
In 2013, in the same program, Wang Zhanhai used Taiji Kung FWangzhanhai football video  in the same programu to avoid the "capture and kill" of the three main forwards of the football team of China Agricultural University. Of course, the most well-known video is Yan Fang's hand pushing video. She used her "internal power" to shock her apprentices and beat cows across the mountain. Other stunts were accused of violating the laws of physicsIs traditional Wushu worthless
Traditional Wushu is divided into four categories. The first category is health preserving. The martial arts of this category, such as the muscle changing classic and the five element opera, are similar to the health exercises we do now, mainly to stretch our muscles and bones. You can see the original intention of these fist techniques, and you will understand that the purpose of these fist techniques is to strengthen your muscles and bonesWho competes with Tai Chi football
CCTV and Hunan Satellite TV performed Tai Chi thunder and thunder. The birds did not fly (wrapped the birds in their hands with adhesive tape), the internal force broke the watermelon (covered with a quilt in advance), chenxiaowang fell into the Hercules Longwu (revealed by Longwu himself), and Wang Zhanhai fought against three olive players (the students concerned declared that the program was fake and apologized after graduation)How strong is the actual combat ability of Chinese Kung Fu
Chinese kungfu is like the emperor's new clothes. Combat effectiveness is really good. Slightly inferior to Taekwondo. But he can be used as the basic training of fighting. Pulling ligaments, coordinated bouncing, somersault and so on also have some advantages
Who in the history of Chinese combat can call it great
Bruce Lee: he is the most powerful person in Chinese martial arts. He has defeated the national champion of Sanda with Wing Chun boxing for many times. His shaking force is more than 700 pounds, 150 pounds heavier than Tyson. International martial artists, including Tyson, have said that they want to take part in the challenge to Bruce Lee, but they have not sent out a Wulin invitation. It is recorded that Bruce Lee once opened a martial arts school in the United StatesIs it true that Tai Chi Master alone shocked many people
This kind of video is fake at first sight. Li Jingwu's Taiji Kung Fu, Wang Zhanhai's 1vs3 burst olive players, Wang Zhanjun kicked his opponent three meters away, and Chen Xiaowang stood still in the face of the thrust of more than 10 people and the thrust of Long Wu. With all due respect, this kind of thing is known to be a bragging force at first sight. Who would believe itIs Tai Chi king Zhanhai powerful
Is Taiji Wang Zhanhai, as the head coach of China's Gong Shou Dao, fierce or not? Once upon a time, Taiji Wang Zhanhai's reputation was damaged by a statement made by a crackdown on counterfeiters. The dummy shows that Taiji Wang Zhanhai pk3 football players on variety shows, which is to cooperate with acting. There is no way to prove that Wang Zhanhai has strengthWhy doesn't wangzhanhai join the national football team
Because he's just an actor
Why doesn't wangzhanhai join the national football team
Litieto said that in this way, we defended Mr. Wang under the condition of completely violating the defense principle of football, and then we had the "performance" in the program. Obviously, litieto denied that it was Wang Zhanhai who defeated them with Taiji Kung Fu, but that they did not use all their strength at all, so they were "defeated". Litieto also apologized for this
Wangzhanhai football video in the same program

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